Our  Grandmaster
&  F.K.K.A.  founder
GM Randall Flaherty was
Introduced to Kenpo in 1972 &
Joined his first official dojo in 1980
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Randall K. Flaherty - our Grandmaster and the founder and President of the FKKA (Flaherty’s Kenpo Karate Association) Studio - has over 37 years of experience in the field. A 10th degree Black Belt of Southern and Northern Kenpo Karate, Flaherty opened his first studio in 1989 as Seneca Martial Arts. Since opening the FKKA Studio in 1991, he has taught thousands of people from all walks of life. 
Flaherty’s Kenpo Karate is a system of Martial Arts characterized by the use of very quick hand and foot movements in ways designed to overwhelm an opponent. It is a self-defense system derived from the input of many different sources - traditional Chinese Kung-fu, boxing, Aikido, Arnis, and other Martial Arts forms found both in the United States and in other countries. 
Flaherty has introduced significant modifications to this art, including principles, theories, and concepts of motion and human speed development. The Grandmaster’s dedication to his community at large and to the people affiliated with his school is evident in his work. Just watch his involvement in instruction, be it with a group or private class training!
Welcome to Flaherty’s Kenpo Karate:
F.K.K.A was formed with the assistance of a dozen qualified Black Belt Instructors and thousands of participating students. Since its inception, we have been working on developing a self-defense program designed to render an attacker helpless with 1 to 3 applied movements.

Our Motto #1:
“Building Strength and Character One Student at a Time.”
Our Motto #2: “The best defense is Self-defense.”
Old school photo: (Young Flaherty top right)