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Welcome to our contact page. We are delighted to accommodate your personal needs and schedule and to offer our unique brand of self-defense. Our friendly instructors are waiting for your call to help you take the first step toward a world of confidence, discipline, and respect in a pleasant atmosphere of training and developing. 
The very first time you step into our Academy, you will discover knowledgeable instructors with respectable degrees in black belt, wall plaques or photos of students in training, wall to wall mirrors, matted floors for all participants to learn on, a lobby occupied by our guests and family members, and clean and air-conditioned studios.
We have 5-star ratings, excellent reviews, and an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, and are eager to share the fundamentals of martial arts (whether beginning, average, or extremely advanced) to all who seek to benefit from our highly qualified professionals. 
We have a 4-time Hall of Fame record, a 10th degree black belt Grandmaster who participates in class instruction, Grand Champion tournament winners (open style competition), and have been voted as “the #1 karate to join.” With many black belt participants of all ages, and two school locations to serve our local communities, we are prepared to offer instruction to everyone who has a desire to learn real life self-defense applications, principles, theories, and concepts.
Thank you for considering us today. Just call or come on in and request a free complimentary class. Also ask about our low cost starter programs with no contracts that offer up to one free month of training with a free uniform. This is an exciting way to begin your journey toward becoming our next black belt expert.

We look forward to seeing you in class!
Owners (Stockton):
Grandmaster - Randall K. Flaherty (10th Degree)
Mrs. Mariana Flaherty - (3rd Degree Black Belt)

4343 Pacific Ave. Unit D2. Stockton, CA. 95207

Office: 209-956-5535
Fax: 209-956-5565

Owners (San Jose):
Professor Dave Cantrelle - (5th Degree Black Belt)
Mrs. Becky Cantrelle - (3rd Degree Black Belt)

302 Toyon Ave. Unit B - San Jose, CA. 95127

Office: 408-729-3501
Fax: 408-729-3190

About Us:

Published - May 20, 2015