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If you want to progress in Kenpo Karate and test at a faster rate, then the FAST TRACK is for you. The Fast Track Program is better known as “The Kenpo Workshop” and is offered by the Grandmaster.
 With the assistance of his helpers and Black Belt Instructors, Grandmaster Flaherty is able to guarantee that all participating members learn all their next belt material with a greater depth of understanding. It doesn’t matter if you have just received your current Kenpo belt or not. Each person, no matter what level, will learn the next belt material during this 8-hour training day. Participants may earn up to 6 stripes at the end of the event (based on performance evaluation at day’s end). 
Black Belt Training - During the Fast Track Event, there will be an all-day special training class for Jr. and 1st degree Black Belts. This will be a detailed class to prepare you for the jump from 1st to 2nd, or Jr. to 1st.  Get direct instruction on the details of our Kenpo system from Grandmaster Flaherty and Professor Cantrelle as well as other high-ranking Black Belts. 

This is a must attend event for all serious students!
Welcome to our Annual “FAST-TRACK” PROGRAM:
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