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Our Karate Kids:

As you strive to give your child the best foundation for his or her success, Flaherty’s Kenpo Karate is there to help. Our competitive curriculum taught by our professional instructors has been designed to build motor skills while having fun and simultaneously foster enhanced emotional, intellectual and social growth. Our comprehensive programs include Martial Arts (Kenpo Karate), exercise, listening, following instruction, and cooperation. Each child receives individual attention, and is encouraged to progress at his / her own pace in a non-threatening, warm and nurturing environment. Our highly qualified Instructors create an atmosphere where positive experiences are the norm, and positive feedback is given to every child and parent. For over 26 years, parents have relied on Flaherty’s Kenpo Karate to help their children build the necessary skills and confidence that will enhance every aspect of their lives.

Our Teens:

It is more challenging than ever to be a teenager in today’s world. Fear and distractions seem to be at an all-time high, and our media-savvy kids are well aware of it.

Our programs strive to provide our teens with the self-confidence and focus they need to make it in this time and age. Our Academy provides a safe, communal environment where everyone gets to learn in an activity-driven atmosphere that accentuates teens’ common interests.

Our teens develop good friends and positive character traits such as perseverance, goal-setting ideas, honor, discipline, and respect. They find that our martial arts programs are highly energetic, exciting, FUN, and motivating. Students enjoy the workout as well as the life long friendships that are built exercising and training with people who have similar goals and interests.

Our Adults:

We all know that we live in a physically demanding, fast paced, fast food-and-drive-through society. Here at Flaherty’s Kenpo Karate we teach adults how to slow down and focus their personal energy while learning new life skills through the Martial Arts. 

Many adults think they are too old, too over-weight, too handicapped, or too busy to do Martial Arts. At our school, we believe in equal opportunity - that all people can enjoy the many benefits of training in the fine art of Kenpo Karate. Moreover, we always keep in mind that Kenpo is primarily a form of self-defense, as opposed to some of the other more sports-oriented martial arts. 

In our adult classes, we stress the importance of training realistically. We teach brutal and potentially lethal strikes to those who consider themselves vulnerable targets, just in case our students ever find themselves in a position where they have to defend themselves or the lives of their loved-ones. Adults learn to react with speed, power, precision and with a confidence that becomes visible to others – a confidence that shows in the eyes and in the way a person carries himself or herself. Predators prefer weak prey. The confidence gained from Kenpo training helps to divert potential predators from attacking.

Our Instructors:

Flaherty’s Kenpo Karate welcomes everyone with a genuine interest in learning “real life” self-defense. All of our instructors are talented and energetic about the Martial Arts. They have many fine points to pass along, enjoy teaching and are ready and willing to share their expertise and offer instruction to anyone interested.

 See you in class!
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