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Training Day
Welcome, everyone, to our Grandmaster’s Training Day page. We are delighted to have students learn from Grandmaster Flaherty himself (our founder and 10th degree black belt). With over 35 years of teaching experience, the Grandmaster is prepare to offer a fun–filled day of system details with additional martial arts insights to help anyone achieve greatness. 
Our training day workshops are considered out-of-the-box training because participants learn material in addition to the normal FKKA system that is offered to all student members. Grandmaster Flaherty brings a wealth of knowledge to the seminar. He has had the extreme good fortune to workout with and learn from members of the International Kenpo Karate Association (I.K.K.A.), Tracy’s Kenpo Karate, Tatum's Kenpo Karate (L.T.K.K.A.), Karate Connection’s Kenpo and Kung-fu Masters (such as: Master Jin Sun Ding), Tae Kwon Do Experts (such as John Holland & Miguel Hurtado), Judo, Aikido, Tai Chi, Escrima, Arnis, Boxing, Kickboxing, and much more. Grandmaster Flaherty was also the top Black Belt Fighting Instructor and competitor for the International Martial Arts Academy during the 1980’s. 
During the annual training day workshops (better known as: the Grandmaster’s Seminar) the Grandmaster will offer explosive speed techniques and movements designed to enhance each individual's performance levels, Kenpo principles, theories, ideas, and concepts in a fun, entertaining, and educational session (designed for higher learning and development). 
Grandmaster Flaherty (aka: “Bullet”) is a very dynamic and explosive martial artist who will help students reach levels beyond their current abilities. Please check with your Chief Instructors (Academy Owners) for training day details, times, and schedule dates.
Welcome to our Annual Training Day Event:
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Published - May 18, 2015