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Hello everyone, and welcome to KarateToday.com, the home of Flaherty’s Kenpo Karate Association. Grandmaster Randall Flaherty began his Martial Arts journey in 1972, and since 1980, he has been teaching martial arts to people from all walks of life and all ages, specializing in children’s safety and self-defense classes. 

Flaherty’s Kenpo Karate was established in 1991 with three fundamental levels in mind – beginning, intermediate, and advanced. All three are important for building confidence, discipline, and respect. While learning detailed martial arts in Kenpo Karate (Self-defense), Kung fu, Arnis (weapons), Women Self-defense, Judo, boxing, and kick-boxing, students also learn to focus on life improvement skills - the importance of follow-through, setting and achieving goals, and more.

They also enjoy themselves, which is why people have come to call Flaherty’s Kenpo Karate “the family fun martial arts training centers”. At our two locations, every student is treated with respect and given the opportunity to learn and develop at his or her unique pace. 

Grandmaster Flaherty has put together Instructors who love teaching. Some are professionals in the fields of business, computer technology and retail management. Others are schoolteachers, housewives and mothers, and the list goes on. Each Instructor brings a wealth of information to pass along in each class session and is willing to share his or her knowledge freely with anyone eager to learn. 

Besides our generous and friendly teachers, we have two beautifully clean, air-conditioned facilities with wall-to-wall mirrors, matted floors, and weapons on display, along with wall plaques of awards and achievements that testify to our long and distinguished history. We’ve been voted the number one martial arts school to join for 4 consecutive years, and are considered especially good for kids. We offer instruction with reasonable fees and NO contracts. Before making any commitments to join, try a free class today, and gain personal knowledge and the experience of a fun, friendly environment where instructors care about the people of our community. 

Our Motto: 
“Building Strength and Character One Student at a Time.”
As new viewers to our web-site - or present student members - feel free to read about the history of our karate studio, as well as Grandmaster Flaherty’s blog pages, and view our photos, videos, and beginning level techniques by clicking on any tabs/links below. Consider selecting us as your martial arts school by clicking on any tab/link at the top or bottom of this home page.
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 Over 40 years Experience
 Low Starter Rates
 No Contracts
 Free Uniform
 One Free Month
 Friendly Environment
 Black Belt Teachers
 Clean Karate Schools
 Certified in Child Psychology
 Certified in CPR, Adult First Aid, AED, and Pediatrics
 Hall of Fame Inductees

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