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 22nd - - Added “Hall of Fame” pictures (Click Here).
 22nd - - Updated GM Flaherty’s Profile (Click Here).
 17th - - Changed “Karate Creed” page (Click Here).
 13th - - Posted a new “Grandmaster’s blog” page (Click Here).
 1st - - Changed a home page picture (Click Here).
 1st - - Changed Tiny Tiger pictures (Click Here).

 17th - - Posted a new “Grandmaster’s blog” page (Click Here). 
 7th - - Posted a new “Grandmaster’s blog” page (Click Here).

 A friendly reminder:    If you get nervous during a test, turn the nervous energy into rocket fuel! Remember your training, and then perform correctly with the system details in mind. Be confident while displaying both your energy and focus on one move at a time. Above all else, be respectful and polite to all FKKA Judges (i.e., Instructors). To learn additional training tips and more (Click Here).

 20th - - Posted a new “Grandmaster’s blog” page (Click Here).
 14th - - Posted a new “Testimonial” (Click Here).
 14th - - Posted a new “Grandmaster’s blog” page (Click Here). 
 14th - - Added pictures to the “Workshop” page (Click Here). 
 2nd - - Added “Hall of Fame” entry to the Home Page (Click Here).

 18th - - Posted additional “Quotes” (Click Here).
 8th - - Posted a new “Grandmaster’s blog” page (Click Here).
 4th - - Updated the “Grandmaster’s Profile” page (Click Here).

JANUARY (2017): 
 3rd - - Posted a new “Grandmaster’s blog” page (Click Here).
 2nd - - Welcome back everyone to our F.K.K.A. Happy New Year ~~

DECEMBER (2016): 
 20th - - Updated the “AWARDS” page (Click Here).
 16th - - Added information about the Junior Black Belts (Click Here).
 13th - - Updated the “Arnis” Black Belt Family Tree (Click Here).
 12th - - Updated the “F.K.K.A.” Black Belt Family Tree (Click Here).
 10th - - Congratulations to all Junior Black Belt Graduates. We are proud of you! (Click here for our “Family Tree”).
 6th - - Updated “AWARDS” page (Click Here).
 2nd - - Happy Holidays to all FKKA members, students, and parents.     
    Keep up the great training and dedication! Best Regards: G.M. Flaherty
 2nd - - Added picture (1988 - business card / image) to the photo gallery page (Click Here).Hall_of_Fame.htmlHall_of_Fame.htmlFlahertys_Martial_Arts_Profile.htmlFlahertys_Martial_Arts_Profile.htmlKarate_Creed.htmlKarate_Creed.htmlGrandmaster_Blogs/Grandmaster_Blogs.htmlGrandmaster_Blogs/Grandmaster_Blogs.htmlWelcome.htmlWelcome.htmlTiny_Tigers.htmlTiny_Tigers.htmlGrandmaster_Blogs/Grandmaster_Blogs.htmlGrandmaster_Blogs/Grandmaster_Blogs.htmlGrandmaster_Blogs/Grandmaster_Blogs.htmlGrandmaster_Blogs/Grandmaster_Blogs.htmlTestimonials.htmlGrandmaster_Blogs/Grandmaster_Blogs.htmlWorkshops.htmlWelcome.htmlQuotes.htmlGrandmaster_Blogs/Grandmaster_Blogs.htmlFlahertys_Martial_Arts_Profile.htmlGrandmaster_Blogs/Grandmaster_Blogs.htmlAwards.htmlPledges.htmlArnis.htmlFKKA_family_tree.htmlFKKA_family_tree.htmlAwards.htmlPhoto_Gallery/Pages/Pictures.htmlshapeimage_4_link_0shapeimage_4_link_1shapeimage_4_link_2shapeimage_4_link_3shapeimage_4_link_4shapeimage_4_link_5shapeimage_4_link_6shapeimage_4_link_7shapeimage_4_link_8shapeimage_4_link_9shapeimage_4_link_10shapeimage_4_link_11shapeimage_4_link_12shapeimage_4_link_13shapeimage_4_link_14shapeimage_4_link_15shapeimage_4_link_16shapeimage_4_link_17shapeimage_4_link_18shapeimage_4_link_19shapeimage_4_link_20shapeimage_4_link_21shapeimage_4_link_22shapeimage_4_link_23shapeimage_4_link_24shapeimage_4_link_25shapeimage_4_link_26shapeimage_4_link_27shapeimage_4_link_28shapeimage_4_link_29shapeimage_4_link_30
Hello everyone, and welcome to our “What’s New” page! If you are looking for program updates, training tips, current association photos or need information, then you are in the right place. 
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