Frequently Asked
Questions  and  Answers
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Q            Does Flaherty’s Kenpo Karate care about families in our community?

A           Yes / Absolutely.

Q            Is Flaherty’s Kenpo Karate an accredited business?

A           Yes / Absolutely.

Q            Are the F.K.K.A. Black Belt Instructor’s CPR, AED, and 
                    First Aid certified and trained?

A           Yes.

Q            How long does it take an average person to become a Black Belt?

A           Average people don’t become Quality Black Belts, however, the average 
                    time period is  3 to 5 years.

Q            Can people lose in Kenpo Karate?

A            “NO” - You are not a failure until you quit.

Q            What’s the highest degree of instruction within the F.K.K.A?

A            10th Degree Black Belt  (Kenpo Grandmaster  -  Randall K. Flaherty).

Q            Does the FKKA students / Instructors attend tournament competition?

A           YES - however, nobody is forced to attend.

Q            Are there contracts?

A           No! (Contracts are not enforced).       

Q             Can people pay for Karate on a month-to-month basis?

A            YES / Absolutely.

Q            Can people join a FREE trial workout before making any membership decisions?

A            YES / Absolutely.

Q           Are there any pressures of joining Flaherty’s Kenpo Karate?

A          NO.

Q           Are the instructors friendly and helpful, but serious?

A          YES.

Q           Are students taught confidence, discipline, and respect?

A           YES.

Q            Does the F.K.K.A. (Martial Arts) teach humility?

A           Yes.

Q           Are private lessons recommended?

A          YES - “quality Black Belts are made by taking private lessons (one-on-one).”
                    [Private Lessons are recommended for “Pre-Black Belts” & higher].

Q           What about the Karate monthly rates?

A           The FKKA - offers affordable and reasonable rates.

Q           When is a good time to join?

A            Today.