Welcome to our little world (ages: 4 - 6)
Karate Kids
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Our Karate Kids:

We, the Tiny Tiger Children, enjoy our time training, learning, developing new skills, and having FUN at Flaherty’s Kenpo Karate. The Karate teachers are helpful, exciting and entertaining while offering instruction with Martial Arts.

The Tiny Tigers Program was developed for children (ages 4 to 6). These children learn motor skills, such as balance, while developing the kind of self-confidence, self-esteem and social interactions that enhance both individual performance and the quality of their lives.

Many parents have attributed their children’s improved outlook and skills to our Young Karate Programs. Our young students learn that with dedication and perseverance all worthwhile goals are attainable. Moreover, in our promotion examinations we evaluate more than mere physical skills. Promotions are based upon the degree of improvement (relative to each child’s unique potential) and the amount of effort, self-control and discipline each child demonstrates in his or her daily life, at home, and in school as well as in class.